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የምግብ ድጋፍ በድርቅ ለተጎዱ ከእክናስ (ካናዳ)

December 24, 2023 at 9:50 AM  ·

In central Gonder zone, 300 quintals of food grains have been donated to the drought affected people.

In central Gondar zone, 300 quintals of grains have been donated to those who need food aid.

The local natives living abroad in Canada and abroad have supported charities named "Eknas National and Toronto Hamilton" by the Gondar Union for Ethiopian Unity Charity Association.

Gondar Union for Ethiopian Unity Charity Association has previously donated 300 quintals of food grains worth 1 point 5 million birr to people affected by drought in North Gondar zone in Janamora, Telemt and Beyeda woreda, said Mr. Bamlaku Negash who is the manager of the association.

Even today, the natives of the area in Canada have donated 1 million 636 thousand birr for the drought affected people through the charities called "Eknas National and Toronto Hamilton" and said they have donated 300 quintals of food grains to the drought affected areas in central Gondar zone.

The central Gondar Zone Disaster Prevention and Food Security Call Office Late Mr. Nuredin Seid, who received the support, has thanked other institutions and organizations to support them.

In the coming days, the food will be delivered to the drought affected areas in the zone namely East Belesa, West Belesa and Kinfaz Begela district.

The backward who said no support has been received due to the drought caused by natural and man-made problems has been reported that 252 thousand citizens are waiting for daily food.

They added that they are preparing to provide support to the drought victims in the zone including animal food.

Central Gondar Communications

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